Saturday, December 14, 2013

DIY Arm Knitting - 30 Minute Inifinity Scarf

I got together with my wonderful neighbor Olga last night and she came across something really cool, Arm Knitting.  I have never seen this before, and I love the effect of the big and chunky soft knits, so this is right up my alley and only takes about 30 minutes. Can you believe it?  

I searched today for a great link to a YouTube video and found one by +Audra Kurtz.  She shares a lot of cute craft ideas.

So yes, that is on my project list now, which kinda just keeps on growing and growing.  However I decided to move it to the very top of my list and challenge myself.  I am going to make 3 Arm Knitting scarfs by Monday, December 23rd. Yes, that is right not 1 but 3.  Am I nuts? I guess we will see.   

I know my mom and my sister would be pleasantly surprised this Christmas with an extra home made gift for them and I will for sure enjoy one for myself.  So pick up two skeins of your favorite color and join me in making this fun project.