Sunday, January 26, 2014

7 Ways To Reuse Newspaper In The Winter

I always like to get the most out of everything that I buy and use. For example my Sunday Newspaper, I read the section that catches my eye, look through the weekly ads and clip coupons. However it does not stop there. Each season brings me different opportunities for truly using the newspaper to it’s fullest potential. Here are my 7 way of squeezing the reuse of newspaper in the winter time.

Wrap a Gift - Pick comics or horoscope section to give a present a touch of whimsy.

Refrigerator Produce Bin - Line it with newspaper to absorb spills and prevent cake-on messes.

Odor Absorber — Newspaper is great at absorbing odors. Stuff it inside a pair of shoes.
Craft Projects – Cover your table with newspaper before starting a project with your kids. 
Breakables – Whether you’re shipping something, getting ready to move, or putting your X-mas nic-nacs away, newspaper is a great packing material.
Fend Off Frost – If you park outside in the winter, lay few sheets over your car’s windshield and secure overnight with wipers to prevent icing. No more scraping car windows when you’re already running late!
Ripen Tomatoes – Get your green tomatoes to red quicker by wrapping them in newspaper and storing them in a dry, cool place.

How do you reuse your newspaper in the winter?