Wednesday, January 8, 2014

All Purpose Organic Cleaner

Despite of what you think I am defiantly not a neat freak. My nightstand is frequently a disaster area and dust bunnies are not an endangered species at my house. But truthfully I get a deep personal satisfaction out of making my surroundings beautiful and comfortable.
I have learned a few tricks that make housekeeping less discouraging and more delightful. For one thing I try and tidy up every night before bed time: dishes always get put in the dishwasher.  Is there anything more depressing in the morning than a sink full of greasy crockery.  I spritz the sink and my kitchen counters with my favorite all purpose organic cleaner, watered down white vinegar.  
In the morning after I shower  I use more of my deluded water vinegar spray to freshen up the tiles and my shower curtain. Then I spray with the watered down white vinegar my foggy mirror and I keep a special squeegee under my bathroom sink to allow me to wipe down the mirror before it gets any annoying water spots or streaks.  

No wonder my hubby always wonders what takes me so long to get ready, maybe someday when he discovers this post he will finally understand :)

All Purpose Organic Vinegar Cleaner Mix: 1/4 cup vinegar ~ 3/4 cup water