Sunday, February 16, 2014

Free Apps to Make Life Easier

I love good free apps that make my life easier. Here are some of my picks for this month to try out and see if they will be a in or out next month.

Organize Me

EASILYDO - Say Hello to your new personal assistant - in digital form lol. It will check the traffic before you leave work each night, tracks your packages, provides birthday reminders, manages your contacts, keeps your tickets and boarding passes handy, etc.

ANY.DO - Type up your to-do-list for any day and get Kiip rewards like $2 credit towards an Amazon MP3 when you compete certain tasks.

Connect Me

CAMCARD - Are you still collecting business cards for your rolodex? Well no more - snap a photo of one, the app will scan the info and arrange it into correct fields and merge with your existing contacts.

Feed Me

GROCERY IQ - Create a food shopping list that groups items by isle for quick shopping + if offers downloadable coupons :)