Thursday, March 20, 2014

Which Paint Color to Pick?

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Which paint color to pick for my bedroom is the hardest question for me. Let’s face it, what ever we pick will result in either a flurry of smiles on our faces or a painful silence each time you enter the room. I have read that a small bedroom will appear smaller if the walls are painted in a dark color, so since my bedroom is medium sized with chocolate color furniture, I decided light and neutral colors would be the ideal selection. Of course if you have a large bedroom, you can definitely experiment with bright or dark color hues. 
So here are my favorite paint picks, now I just have to decide on the final two and than see which one appeals more to my hubby. Of course this is more easy said than done, because I love them all. So I am asking you to help me pick the final 2.