Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Coming Home for Christmas

What a beautiful story about love, hope, and forgiveness! This is my 1st book by Jenny Hale and I think she is a brilliant writer who allows her readers to be captivated by the characters in her book. I really enjoyed getting to know the Marley family, as they discovered the importance of tradition and family. It’s very rare that I find myself loving an entire family, but the Marley’s were just awesome. Not your typical rich family, they weren’t particularly snobby or anything, they didn’t just see Allie as the ‘help’ but a part of their family. Coming Home for Christmas really touched my heart. I cannot wait to read more of Jenny's books in the future! I loved every page and I was desperately rooting for Allie to get herself a happy ever after and I knew exactly who I wanted her to get her happy ending with! I do realize the Christmas is over, but this story is more about the family importance and tradition, heck this book is perfect for any time of year.