Saturday, March 14, 2015

Happy Birthday

My friend, Jodi finished reading this book and she like it so much that she dropped it off at my house and said "I think you are going to like this one". You know what she was totally right! I give this book an "A".  I just could not stop reading this novel. I also have to confess, this is my 1st book by Danielle Steel.

I loved each character's story and how their lives all intertwined. I felt like I was on the journey with them. Steel beautifully expressed each character's feelings and their own perspectives on life. Overall, I learned that no matter how busy life gets or how awful you think it is, do what makes you happy. Also allow yourself to open new doors, and find that you become old when you stop opening them. What a heartwarming story of a mother and daughter that has gone through the challenges of life, met them, and come through the good and bad life. It's a page - turner for young and old alike. Enjoyed the many twist and turns of life and how they are both not enjoying their upcoming birthdays.

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