Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My New Year's Eve Family Celebration

Here is how it works for our family. The day before New Year’s Eve my kids and my husband let me know what kind of appetizers they would like to munch on. Then I carefully selected some other ones to balance out the selection. The appetizer feast starts at 4pm and it continues till 12:30 am. For those of you that would like to know what our appetizer picks are this year, the recipes will be posted on my blog through the day.  
While we enjoy pigging out every hour from 4pm to 8pm, a conversation topic get’s drawn from our topic ball. We each take 10 minutes thinking of the answer and take turns responding to the topic of the hour. Here is some topics I have selected for this year.
~ A new friend I made this year.
~ My favorite movie this year.
~ Something I did that I'm proud of.
~ My favorite place I visited this year.
At eight o'clock we end topic talk and get out a goal list from last year. Each of us talk about the goal we have selected last year and how it went. Then we brainstorm and come up with a new goal for the year. At 9pm we get together to reveal and record our new goals for the new year. Some of us (like me), cheat and already have thought and carefully selected the new goal weeks before the big reveal. I will update my family members goal as soon as they reveal it.   
Mike - brake the golf course record at Wallinwood Golf Course 
Matt - to be able to fully recover from knee problems
Sami - start strong and get good grades 1st year in college
Me - perfecting blogging 
My goal is chosen different. I like to learn something new each year that I don’t know how to do. So my goal becomes a challenge. For those of you that know me will understand that fully. Here are some of my previous 3 year goals that I had: gardening, knitting and golfing. They all have been accomplished and I have maintained them all to this day.   

As the time gets closer to midnight, we turn on the TV and count down the minutes and seconds. We include in our celebration the traditional bubbly toast Mimosa for me and my husband and Sprite for Sami and Matt, hugs, kisses, wishes, noisemaking, calling and texting our family and friends and wishing them all a Happy New Year.